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St Joseph's Park Hill School

St Joseph's

Park Hill School and Pre-school

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What People Say About Us


"I have noticed how hard you have worked since I came here.  Exciting times for year 6 who went to Lockerbie, year 5 went to Cranedale and year 5 went to CBBC and had a lot of fun.  I have also noticed that all the teachers are kind and are organised for the summer fair.  Year 5 are doing splat the rat and feed the clown.

I have also noticed that Mr Barnsley, our caretaker, has done a really good job of  keeping the school tidy.  Mrs Nuttall and Mrs Conway do a very good job at making really good lunches and desserts and I really like my lunches and desserts.


I have made quite a few friends because I have settled in well at our school.


I wanted to write you this letter because I have seen you and all the teachers and the rest of the staff work hard and I thought that I would tell you and say thank you."




 “I love Park Hill because the school is small and the teachers are really friendly”


“Park Hill is an extraordinary school that is a positive experience for all children”


“Leaving this school behind is the hardest thing I will ever have to do”


“The school always brings out the star inside each of its pupils”




Feed back from parents about our remote learning provision during Lockdown (March  - June 2020



"We cannot express just how pleased we are with the value of education that our daughter has experienced whilst  school has been closed and to quote the schools mission statement this unprecedented situation has most definitely helped to "prepare our children for the challenges of the future."


"What a delight to read your email regarding the first day back for the whole school, we are so thrilled  it has gone well and we agree that all the staff at Park Hill have gone the extra mile to make the last 13 weeks as bearable and conducive as possible." 


"Can I also take this opportunity to thank yourself and all the staff for the wonderful communication and hard work that has happened during the pandemic.  It has been so comforting for us as a family to know that our  son has been constantly thought about and his welfare and education has continued against the odds."


"We would like to thank you and the dedicated teaching staff at Park Hill for everything you have been doing for all the children.  Our children were absolutely delighted to receive the wonderful card from you and even more to see you in our very first Lockdown assembly... such a lovely idea!  Our son was also so thrilled to have received the Headteacher's award."


"We have been very pleased with the level of ongoing and consistent support provided to both of our daughters.  We could not have asked for more.  The weekly class meets are a big hit with both girls and a great experience for them.  It's not dissimilar to the working world!  The provision of the work in such a structured and user friendly way has been very helpful and interesting for both and has helped us immensely.  We miss the school family very much and look forward to seeing everybody as soon as that is safely possible, but in the meantime we just wanted to thank you and each of the teachers for their immense effort and everything they have done and the way in which they have done it to support our children."


"I just wanted to let you know that we are very impressed, and thankful, to your brilliant team at Park Hill.  Both my wife and I are quite busy ourselves, but our sons are able to manage their work quite independently, probably due to the quality of work, and the accompanying explanations their teachers are providing."



“Being in education ourselves, for us one of the most important factors in our child’s education is that she is happy, safe and well looked after.  I can honestly say that this is how Park Hill delivers.  When your daughter looks forward to Monday mornings, you know you have made the right decision!

The staff all play a pivotal role in the development of each and every child’s moral, and spiritual  and educational journey.

We can’t recommend this place highly enough.”


Thank you


“Our children attended Park Hill from nursery until year 2 and year 4, prior to our move overseas.  We are full of praise for this wonderful school and the staff.  The school promotes a caring ethos where children are taught Christian values and respect for themselves and each other.  Children are encouraged to achieve, and their successes however small or big are recognised and celebrated.  Our Children thrived at Park Hill school, they are well mannered, respectful, happy, confident children.  Choosing this school was the best decision we have ever made, and leaving it to move overseas was the hardest.  Our daughter 5 has recently been assessed at her new school as having a reading age of 8.7 years.  Our son age 8 has been chosen to speak in front of 400 parents and pupils, this is due to his confidence in public speaking, developed at Park Hill school.  Children thrive at Park Hill, due to its nurturing family environment, dedicated teaching staff and families who share the same hopes and aspirations for their children.”


“Sending our son to St Joseph’s Park Hill was undoubtedly the best decision made.  To see him blossom and flourish into the young man he is today makes us incredibly proud.  Consequently getting to know every member of staff has made the journey even more wonderful and memorable.  Your passion and drive shine through giving every child a superb platform in life.  It’s with heavy hearts that we reflect and accept that this part of his journey has come to an end.  Our son has encountered much in his life and it’s an opportune moment to say a big thank you for your continued support through his highs and lows.  Your generosity and love hand no limits, you are all highly regarded.  It’s been our pleasure being part of the family unit that makes St Joseph’s so special.”


“My son is a loving, kind yet strong willed little boy who has been cared for and nurtured by the amazing staff at Park Hill.”


 “Staff are tuned in with children’s strengths and weaknesses and give support where needed.”


“Diversity is evident in the teachings and core values of the school.”


 “An oasis in a sometimes crazy world.”


 “My son’s wonderful achievement at Park Hill is down to a fantastic team of people who go the extra mile. Thank you.”

November 2023 - Parents of a Reception pupil

This has to be the best school I could ask to send my child to. The support my son has had is amazing. The teachers and staff all go above and beyond. We can’t fault them. My son loves coming
to school everyday and is greeted with warmth and a smile. Thank you for what you all do!


November 2023 – Parents of pupils in Reception and Year 2


Our boys love coming to school. The staff are all so caring and happy, and always have time for each
child plus the parents. Thank you!


November 2023 – Parents of Year 2 pupil

My daughter is very happy in Year 2. She loves her teachers and has made good friendships. She feels safe and understood and knows where to go if she needs help/support. My daughter loves coming to school and is counting the days to the school Nativity.


November 2023 – Parents of Year 4 pupil
Absolutely brilliant school! We couldn’t be happier with our child’s education and progress. Well
done everyone!


November 2023 - Parents of Year 5 pupil

St. Joseph's  Park Hill has consistently supported my children through education and as part of a "school family" environment.

The commitment from all staff is outstanding, all children are treated equally, all children are polite and always seem happy around school.

The commitment to afters school activities / sports events is something lots of children enjoy.

Teachers are always approachable and friendly encouraging families to be part of the school.  School always looks full of children's displayed work.  Bright cheery and welcoming!

School encourages a healthy life including the daily mile, lots of accessible outdoor space such as the mud kitchen and more recently the forest school, which is amazing.

I genuinely could not wish for a better school for my remaining child to be part of.  My older son has now moved to secondary school and sorely misses St Joseph's Park Hill School.


 “We love coming to Park Hill. The pupils are wonderful, the staff are friendly and helpful, the school is spotless plus we get a lovely lunch!  Thankyou and we look forward to seeing you soon!”

Carol Sweeney & Jane Smith / History Alive Workshop

"My husband and I would like to thank you for showing us around your school yesterday. We left feeling elated and astounded at the staff, pupils and establishment you have all created.

We see our daughter flourishing at a school like this. As her parents, we would feel reassured that we would be giving her the best possible start."

Perspective Parents