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St Joseph's Park Hill School

St Joseph's

Park Hill School and Pre-school

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Policy and Procedure


St Joseph’s Park Hill has a distinctive ethos shaped by Christian principles from within the Roman Catholic tradition.

The Governing Body of the School is responsible for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of children to the school.

The school is committed to providing equal opportunities to prospective and existing pupils regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or belief.  Furthermore, the school aims to ensure equality of access for those with disability or related conditions.



Following the faith based principles of the School the Governors give priority to applications from families whose child is a baptised Catholic.


Applications are also welcome from parents of other faith backgrounds and denominations who are seeking a Catholic education for their children and support the ethos of the school.


If places become limited the criteria used to decide which children are to be admitted are as follows:


  1. Baptised children of practising Roman Catholic parents/guardians ie attends Mass every Sunday

  2. Siblings of children in school

  3. Baptised children of other Roman Catholics

  4. Children of past pupils who support the Catholic ethos of the school

  5. Non Catholic Christians

  6. Children of parents/guardians of other faiths who support the Catholic ethos of the school



Compassionate circumstances may be taken into account to give higher priority to a child and /or increase the number of children admitted to any one class.


Although we do not operate a bursary policy we do occasionally respond to parents’ requests for assistance when their circumstances change unexpectedly or some hardship occurs and supporting evidence of the situation is provided.  Any assistance is at the complete discretion of the Governing Body.  Assistance may take the form of any or all of the following:


  • Free before/after school care

  • Free school lunches

  • A temporary reduction or suspension of fees


Any financial assistance is kept under review by the Governing Body.



The school admits 25 children in any one academic year. Children are admitted at age 3. Parents and children are invited for an informal meeting. An Induction Policy is in place and children are encouraged to attend “taster sessions”



We admit children into KS 1 following a meeting with parents, a ‘taster day’ for the child which involves observing their interaction with staff and pupils, an informal assessment  (reading, writing, number) and an informal chat with the class teacher.



In KS2 the Head Teacher meets with parents/guardians to ascertain whether their values and aspirations match the schools values and aspirations.  Prospective pupils are then invited into school for 2 ‘taster days’.  A more formal assessment test (English and Maths) is given and the children are observed.  If the Head teacher, following consultation with the class teacher and other school staff, considers that the child will benefit from attending St Joseph’s Park Hill, they are invited to join the school.



An admission panel composed of members of the Governing body will make a final decision based on the criteria as set down in this policy for admissions to the school.



Prospective pupils with their parents/guardians will be called for interview, assessment and invited to ‘taster days’ at the time of enquiry. (see above)


Once an offer has been made to parents/guardians in writing, those wishing to accept a place must complete the Application for Admissions Form and return it with a deposit of £100 to the school.


On receipt of the registration form and non-refundable registration fee of £100, pupils will be enrolled at an agreed time or placed on the waiting list for their intake year. 


This fee is non-refundable and does not count towards the fees.


Prospective pupils will be invited to spend a session in their new class prior to starting full time at school.


The Governing Body will review this policy on a yearly basis.