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St Joseph's Park Hill School

St Joseph's

Park Hill School

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Creative Arts

Our curriculum offers lots of opportunities for children to develop their many talents.


In the Early Years children are given opportunities to explore and use a variety of different media to create wonderful imaginative creations in Art and Expressive Design.


Throughout school children paint, sketch, collage and explore different materials to enhance their learning in Art and Design.  Whole school Art projects fire children’s imagination and enhance our school environment.


Our Music curriculum offers every child the opportunity to sing, to play an instrument, to explore sound and to compose.

Every child learns to play the recorder.  Children are also offered lessons in violin, brass, guitar and drums.


Our school choir enjoys performing and are given the opportunity to sing and compete in a number of competitions and festivals throughout each year.


Our pupils love to dance and we are lucky to have a specialist Dance Teacher from Sanderson's School of dance to teach all pupils.


At St Joseph’s Park Hill we excel in Performing Arts. 

Children have the opportunity to perform in Assemblies and whole school productions.  All pupils from Reception  to Year 6 receive a discreet, specialist - led drama lesson each week delivered by Miss Alice from Basics Theatre School.  We hold performances several times a year and our end-of-year productions, which include all the children in KS2, are wonderful celebrations of the children's talents in singing and performing.  These shows are keenly anticipated by pupils, parents and staff.


Many of our children enjoy "I Can!" extra-curricular club, run by Miss 

Alice from Basics Musical Theatre School.  Song, dance and performing skills are taught, with the main focus on developing confidence and self-esteem.