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St Joseph's Park Hill School

St Joseph's

Park Hill School and Pre-school

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Measuring and assessing pupil’s attainment is an ongoing process. We use a range of assessments in school including:


Formative Assessment

The children are continually assessed throughout all their lessons. This can take the form of any or all of the following:

  • Observation

  • Questioning

  • Discussion

  • Marking and Feedback

  • Short internal class tests

  • Homework

Teacher Assessment judgements are made about whether the children have met the objectives for each lesson or unit of work. Teachers use KLIPs (Key Learning Indicators of Progress) for English and Maths to reinforce their judgements.


Summative Assessment

GL Assessments are used to assess pupils throughout school. These are objective assessments which award a Standardised Score. Children’s scores are tracked as they progress through school.

These assessments are also used to compare our results to national results.