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KS1 Space Invaders

Team -  from Year 1 and 2 at Thomas Whitham 6th Form

On Tuesday 2nd October, Blue, Fergus, Harvey, Yusuf, Khushleen and Daneen went with Miss Grillo to Thomas Whitham 6th Form to take part in an event called ‘Space Invaders’. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and some of us were very nervous but when we arrived there were lots of interesting activities set up ready for us to play.

We were given lots of challenging things to do like; throwing and catching while hopping around the room on one leg. Trying to be a defender and get the ball off other players but… while sitting on the floor. Dodging fast balls and trying to aim at a moving target. Yep it all sounds tricky but… we didn’t give up and managed to do everything! Miss Grillo said this is because we listened really well to what we had to do.

We all had a great time and showed great teamwork and enthusiasm during all the activities.

A special mention to Blue who was given a medal off one of the Sports Leaders for giving everything a go and keeping going even though he was nervous.

Well done to all the team!