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St Joseph's Park Hill School

St Joseph's

Park Hill School and Pre-school

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Seeds and Gardeners

Hello and welcome back to my last entry of this term! It's gone by so fast; I guess time flies when you're having fun. It has been an eventful few weeks with lots going on around school.


We had our music lesson with Daisy from Let's Go Sing, we have the opportunity to participate in a concert singing with children from other schools. We had a great time gathering together in the hall singing the funniest songs. A favourite amongst us was ‘The Monsters’ Masquerade Ball’.


During seeds and gardeners, we had a rotating workshop with three different stages. I read with my Seed and we got through an entire book. I enjoyed it and I LOVED my seed’s enthusiasm for picture books. Then the seeds moved on to painting their gardeners, which was a nightmare, only for the gardeners though as the seeds were in their element. (Paint + Young Child) + Mature Child/Gardener = Nightmare. After that we combined forces to make handprint stamps, I painted my seed’s hand immaculately and he kindly returned the good deed by splattering my hand, my arm and some parts of my uniform with paint…



Forest school was amazing as we learned how to use outdoor tools. We were lucky enough to use hammers, saws and handheld drills. It was very thrilling. Using teamwork we managed to cut through a log with a saw. The immense excitement during the session made us oblivious to the extremely wet weather. You can see photos on the school's Facebook page.


Family Friendly Friday welcomed our parents to school to sample the tea and cakes by the legendary Mrs Nuttall. They were in good hands because she can transform even the fussiest eater into devouring disciples. Parents then joined our classrooms and participated in various craft activities across the school. There was a positive atmosphere and the parents were exceptionally well-behaved.


Fact: Apples are very effective at waking you up in the morning.



I'll see you next term!!