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Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2022! We are over halfway through the half term with only 2 weeks left until the holidays! 

We have been doing lots of things and everyone from reception to year 6 have been having lots of fun!

Last week, reception and year 1 took part in a balance ability where they all learnt how to ride a bike. They had been practising in the hall with their instructor so there were lots of bikes in there!


This week, all of the school went up to McAuley Mount to sing happy birthday to Sister Stan who is now 100 years old! After that, we had an extra long playtime and all of the school stayed on the same yard, it was very fun!


But, some people had more than just that extra play. Since St George won the house points race last term, to say well done, all of St George got an extra 15 minutes play last Friday. I wish St Patrick had won though, they beat us by 1 trophy! :(


Overall these past few weeks in school have been really fun and I have really enjoyed them just like everyone else. I hope you have enjoyed my blog and will continue to read it.😀