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What I've Been Up To

Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog! These past 2 weeks that we have been in school have been really fun.

In these past 2 weeks, my class has been practising for 2 different assemblies, one with our seeds and the other for the remembrance assembly! The seeds and gardeners assembly was really fun as we have now known our seeds for a whole half-term, we are all really good friends with each other. The remembrance assembly was really fun but it was also really important because we wanted it to be very good, and it did go really well! We all remembered our lines and all of the songs that we had to learn. The year 5s helped us with the singing and lots of us got to play our musical instruments in the songs. We really enjoyed getting to meet the World War 2 veteran. The assembly was really good and we all enjoyed practising it as it let us learn even more things about world war 1. 


Overall, these two weeks have been really fun, practising assemblies and playing with our seeds and we have enjoyed it so much!