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A New Year

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog of the new school year.

We are well into the half term now and are all settled into our new classes. We have brand new teachers and we are all excited about the changes to the way we can socialise around the school.


This year, after two years of on and off school learning, we are all ecstatic to be back to normal with no bubbles preventing us from being able to talk to or see our friends. Also, we have music teachers back to teach instruments for the juniors.


Something we have all enjoyed in the last three weeks is having assemblies again! During the lockdown, we used to watch an assembly on the screens in our classes because we couldn’t mix with other years. However, this year we have already had 3 amazing assemblies performed by classes!


The other thing a lot of us like is that our Drama and Dance teachers are back and we can have in-person lessons with them, rather than on Zoom! As things return to normal, we can all have fun with not only people in our classes but in other classes too! 


Even though we have only been back at school for a couple of weeks, lots has happened already, especially for my year - Year 6. We all have different jobs around the school now such as librarians, faith ambassadors, sports ambassadors, House Captains and Prefects. 


We also met our Seeds from the Reception class. We play with them every Thursday and we are enjoying helping them to settle in.


Last week, we also chose House Captains and Vice Captains for all four of our Houses. The children in each house came together and voted for their chosen candidate. 


I hope you enjoyed my blog this week and will continue to read it.