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Fatima's Third Blog

Hi. Welcome to my third blog entry. This week I am going to tell you all about the very interesting R.E lessons we have had for World Religion Week. Although we are a Roman Catholic school, we are a family of many different faiths. We learn about each faith so we can build respect for each others’  backgrounds. 


This week was World Religion Week, and we have been learning about the 5 main religions: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.


First, Christianity: we have been learning about the different branches of Christianity such as Methodists, Roman Catholic and Church of England. 

1. The Roman Catholic group is its own type of Christianity with no other branches falling beneath it, unlike the Protestant group.

2. Only the Roman Catholic group believe in the power of the Pope.


Next, Judaism: we have been learning about the Jewish prayer of Shema. The prayer of Shema is a prayer which Jewish people try to say everyday in the morning, at night and many other times throughout the day. It is written in Hebrew, the language that Jews read when saying prayers. The Shema tells the people who read it to remember that there is only one God.


Thirdly, Hinduism: we have been learning about the pilgrimage which takes place at the River Ganges, Khumb Mela. It takes place every 12 years and is a very special time for Hindus, who try to complete the pilgrimage at least once in their lives. Rivers are sacred places for Hindus as they believe bathing in them will cleanse their sins. We also learned that the Mantra is a special prayer. Every person has their own mantra. Hindus believe in 3 main Gods called the Trimurti. 


Then, Sikhism: We were learning about the 5 Ks, which are 5 special objects which each symbolise something important in the Sikh religion. 

  1. The Kesh. The Kesh is hair, Sikhs who join the Khalsa are never to cut their hair as they believe it is a gift from God and it would be disrespectful to cut it.It reminds Sikhs of purity.

  2. The Kangha. The Khanga is a comb.At all times Sikhs wear it in their hair. It reminds Sikhs to keep their souls and lives tidy at all times.

  3. The Kara. The Kara is an iron bracelet. It’s made out of iron to remind Sikhs to be strong and always do what’s right.

  4. The Kirpan. It is a knife to remind Sikhs to always value honour and dignity. It cannot be used to hurt anyone, only to defend those who need defending or their beliefs.

  5. The Kachera. They’re special undershorts. They tell people to be modest in what they do and think. 


Finally, Islam (this is my faith): We have been learning about Hajj. Hajj is a special pilgrimage that Muslims try to take at least once in their life. It takes place in the country of Saudi Arabia. The pilgrimage starts when the pilgrims arrive in Mecca at the Kabah, and circle it anti-clockwise 7 times, once to represent each heaven. Then, they move onto Arafat, where they stay and pray until night. When the sun sets, they move onto camp in Muzdalifah. After, they go back to Makkah. On the way, they throw stones at 3 pillars. These pillars symbolise the devil and throwing stones symbolises removing all bad thoughts from people’s minds. Next, in Makkah, they walk between the mountains of Safa and Marwa. Then they drink from a spring of Abi Zam-Zam water.

After, they go back to Mina and throw stones at pillars once more. In Makkah, all the men shave their heads and lambs are sacrificed. Finally, in Makkah, the pilgrims circle the Kabah 7 times anticlockwise. The journey symbolises a spiritual rebirth.


Overall, as usual, this week has been so interesting and I loved learning all these things about different religions. Thank you for reading my blog about World Religion Week and I hope you continue to read it 😊