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  • 21/02/24

    A New Pair of Bloggers!

    Hello and welcome to our first-ever blog!  
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  • 04/09/23

    Final Farewell

    Hello and welcome to my final blog. To be honest I have delayed sitting down to write it because I feel like this is my final connection with Park Hill since leaving. Breaking it down into sections has made the process easier. Upon reflection, when I was first asked to write the blog I felt hono...
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  • 01/07/23

    Testing Time

    Hi and welcome back to another entry of my blog. I hope I can inform and inspire you with this penultimate edition. I cannot believe how quickly the term is flying by. 
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  • 09/06/23


    Hi and welcome to another blog. I am happy to be back from my break and raring to go!  
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  • 13/03/23

    There’s-no day like a snow day

    Welcome back to another edition of my blog
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  • 28/02/23

    Super Swimming

     Hi and welcome back to my blog. We’re halfway through the year already!!! Time flies by when you’re having fun.  
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  • 18/01/23

    Festive Fun

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz…
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  • 10/01/23

    Happy New Year!

    Hello, our names are Zahraa and Penny, and welcome to our school blog. Happy New Year! 🎉
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  • 05/12/22

    Football ⚽

    Hi, and welcome back to my blog. It has been a busy two weeks and I’m here to tell you all about it. The topic this week is Football.  
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  • 21/11/22

    Anti-bullying Week

    Hello and welcome back to my blog for this fortnight.
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