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Science Experiment

In year 4 we have been learning about teeth. We carried out an experiment to find out what would happen to our teeth if we left them in different liquids. Instead of using teeth we used eggs because the shell of an egg is very close to the material of enamel.

We left the eggs in five different liquids for a whole week; the liquids were vinegar, water, apple juice, vimto and lemonade.

The eggs were all affected in different ways. The water had no reaction, the vimto dyed the egg purple and the lemonade and the apple juice made the egg shell erode slightly. The egg that suffered the most damage was the egg left in the vinegar. The egg shell was so damaged that you could wipe the shell away with your finger until the egg was almost see-through. The egg has also grown in size.

We learnt about how we should look after our teeth and make sure we brush them well and visit a dentist often.

By Naail. 


  • y4 teeth (2)

    y4 teeth (2).JPG
    y4 teeth (2)
  • y4 teeth

    y4 teeth.JPG
    y4 teeth